ADULT Support

FLIP's individual support services offer a range of active support options so you can try new things, learn additional skills, and get involved in your community.
Depending on what you want to do, that active support might be provided at home or in the community.


From everyday activities doing daily tasks and jobs within the home to other tasks such as gardening and maintenance. This is to ensure the client is able to maintain their independence whilst receiving high quality support from our qualified and skilled staff


FLIP works with all individuals to assess what they would like to do in the future in regards to possible job opportunities or skill set they would like to obtain. Canberra has many opportunities and the staff are able to assist in making this a reality


FLIP prides itself on the ability to work with a number of unique and different clients to ensure they are benefiting most from these programs. A healthy and active lifestyle will allow for people to work as an individual and in any group activities. This can build many foundations.


Being presentable for important events and meetings is an essential skill to have. Teaching young adults who are entering the workforce or clients looking at a change in career will highly benefit from mock interviews and understanding what  qualities employers look for


Ngunnawal, ACT, 2913


Tel: 0412 217 026

Tel: 0411 720 706

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